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Legal aspects

This is the official web-site of Industrial Valves. Property rights on the whole content fully belong to Industrial Valves.

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• persons relying their decisions, actions or non-actions on the information held on this web-site undertake the whole responsibility for any possible suffered losses.

Industrial Valves decline any responsibility for the content of sites referring to this web-page. Data and information are shown on Industrial Valves web-site only for informative purposes. Industrial Valves reserve the right to modify anytime and without notice both page content and structure. Products and services described on this site are only for and Industrial Valves exclusive property.

Any attempt of any kind to modify, copy or use the image and information in this site, except by its legal owner Industrial Valves, as well as links without owner prior approval, gives to Industrial Valves the one-sided and undoubtful right to use all its prerogatives to address to the legal competent instances to punish these facts.